Reddit Picks The Most Overhyped Big Name Actor, And The Result Will Surprise You

Reddit Picks The Most Overhyped Big Name Actor, And The Result Will Surprise You
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If these are your favorite actors, we're sorry.

Sometimes hype makes things seem more than they are. It can happen in Hollywood as well: just remember how many times you were lured to watch something simply because a big name was involved.

Reddit users flocked into a thread to discuss who of the prominent Hollywood actors is the most overhyped one. The results might come off as a surprise, because those are actually well-received actors.

For instance, some people seem to take issue with Ryan Reynolds, mainly due to how hilarious his performance usually is.

"Definitely Ryan Reynolds; suspension of disbelief is impossible with his incessantly cavalier and sarcastic wink-at-the-camera acting style." – /JB23808

Another one is Jared Leto. With his role of vampire doctor Morbius making meme waves on social media recently, do we really need to explain this one? However, many fans note that earlier, Leto's performances used to be enjoyable and iconic – for example, in 'Requiem for a Dream' and 'Dallas Buyers Club'.

Dwayne Johnson also seems to be joining this less-than-flattering club, with fans having troubles understanding just why he keeps securing big box offices given that his range is pretty limited.

"Dunno if he qualifies as a bad actor in the sense you're talking, tbf he's good at what he does, but Dwayne Johnson's box office draw is way overhyped considering his acting is non existent and he just plays himself." – /BillzB89

Good thing Warner Bros. has some faith in his abilities, though: 'Black Adam ' starring Dwayne Johnson is gearing up to take theaters by storm this fall. Some fans are rightfully pointing out that The Rock might not be a very good actor, but he certainly knows just what it takes to be a great movie star, with his larger-than-life presence well and truly tested during his WWE era.

Speaking of Dwayne Johnson and his very particular movie choices, some people also took a chance to slam Mark Wahlberg, who co-starred with The Rock in 'Pain and Gain', with one person wondering "how the dude even has a career". However, some fans were quick to defend the actor, arguing that he was good in several movies, particularly in 'Three Kings', 'Boogie Nights' and 'The Other Guys.'

Still, the issue of whether one is a good actor or not remains subjective; so even if you are a long-time Wahlberg or Johnson fan, there is no need to panic over Reddit declaring them "overhyped".

Among other actors who were lambasted by Reddit critics were Taylor Lautner, Pamela Anderson, Vin Diesel, Paris Hilton, and even Madonna and James Corden – but, to be fair, the latter two are not exactly actors but rather a singer and a TV host. So we can forgive them, can we?