Reddit Sorted Percy Jackson Into a Hogwarts House Because It Can

Reddit Sorted Percy Jackson Into a Hogwarts House Because It Can
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And if you think the son of Poseidon is a Gryffindor, then think again.

Let's face it: even people who are not big fans of crossovers tend to occasionally imagine their favorite characters in different universes, especially in light of the recent multiverse trends.

The oldest crossover there could be is "let's put these characters into Hogwarts houses," and it's not even the first time when Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson is being melted with the Harry Potter universe.

However, one would quickly assume that since Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon and the main character of the books (and the upcoming TV series titled Percy Jackson and the Olympians), is a Gryffindor, because of course.

Well, the Percy Jackson subreddit begs to differ. According to fans, the son of Poseidon is... a Hufflepuff, surprisingly.

We get why not Slytherin (he's not as cunning), and why not Ravenclaw (he has a "seaweed brain" nickname, after all...). But why not Gryffindor?

"His deadly flaw is loyalty. The only times we see him being brave is when he is try to protect the people he cares about. He doesn’t go on crazy quest because he is brave, he goes to protect the people he cares for. Why do people place him in Gryffindor?" Redditor SnooStrawberries264 wondered.

The funniest thing that Redditors also noted? Percy's quests were basically about finding things; and if you are A Very Potter Musical fan, you know what we mean.

For those blissfully unaware, it's a running joke in the Harry Potter fandom that was started by the musical that Hufflepuffs are particularly good at finding things. While J.K. Rowling never directly established anything like that about the Helga Hufflepuff house, it is now a thing.

And when it comes to Percy, his quests were indeed about finding stuff: from the stolen lightning bolt to his missing friends. If that's not a Hufflepuff, then who is?