Reddit Theory Perfectly Explains How MCU Kang Could Be Linked to Fantastic Four

Reddit Theory Perfectly Explains How MCU Kang Could Be Linked to Fantastic Four
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If you've been wondering how Kang the Conqueror ended up trapped in the Quantum Realm, this may be the answer.

In Phase Five, the Avengers will face an enemy even more dangerous than Thanos: Kang the Conqueror, also known as He Who Remains. Currently in the MCU, Kang appears to be trapped in the Quantum Realm (for better or worse).

But how did he end up in the Quantum Realm in the first place? According to a Reddit theory by ak2sup, it has something to do with... the Fantastic Four.

Apparently inspired by the Rama-tut storyline from the comics, the theory suggests that Nathaniel Richards built a time traveling machine and went to ancient Egypt to rule as Pharaoh Rama-tut — only for the Fantastic Four to learn of his tyranny and go there to end his reign.

He manages to escape before they destroy his machine, but gets stuck in the Quantum Realm, where he meets Janet and tries to work with her to escape. But things don't go his way, and Janet somehow learns of his evil motives and betrays him. At this point, the theory goes, Nathaniel decides to form his own army and call himself Kang the Conqueror.

"In Quantumania, he [seeks] revenge [on] Janet for her betrayal and [forces] Ant-Man to retrieve [an] essential part of his machine engine so he can escape [the Quantum Realm] and conquer the multiverse," the theory's author suggests. "I think the MCU Fantastic Four movie will be about F4 vs. Rama-tut in ancient Egypt. It will serve as backstory for both Kang and F4 and how the team is responsible at some degree for what Kang has become now."

Since no official plot details have been released for the MCU's Fantastic Four, this theory may make sense. In the comics, Nathaniel Richards is one of many variations of Kang, who also has several incarnations of his own, from the young superhero Iron Lad to the villainous Kid Immortus.

Marvel's official take on how Kang's time in the Quantum Realm will be revealed in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which hits theaters on February 17.