Reddit Theory Suggests At Least One Major Character Death in 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 4

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The final season is going to be the most brutal one – at least that's what some 'The Umbrella Academy' fans believe.

Even if past three seasons of Netflix hit series were emotional, sometimes difficult to watch and filled with sadness, any damage dealt to fan-favorite characters wasn't, in fact, permanent. In season 4, the very last season of the series, it's going to change. One of the newest Reddit fans theories suggest at least one major character won't survive season 4, with Luther's chances especially not looking good.

In season 3's finale we learned that due to Allyson's drastic actions Reggie's reality was undone; the siblings are now powerless, their fate generally unknown. The aforementioned fan theory suggests that season 3 finale's events might involve the characters going back to Hotel Oblivion – and this, in turn, could result in Luther being dead again. Storytelling-wise, Luther's death would make the most sense: he is, after all, the heart of group, and watching him die – and die permanently, without any hope for him coming back to life – would be gut-wrenching to the audience. If 'The Umbrella Academy' writers decide to go for shock value one last time, Luther dying would be a surefire way to get it.

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The prospects do look rather grim: even those who don't agree with this theory are somewhat convinced already that not everyone will survive in season 4. The likeliest scenario? Someone sacrificing themselves for the sake of others and the world, for good this time.

Some 'The Umbrella Academy' fans think it's Five who will (or at least should) sacrifice himself, seeing how it was he who was responsible for time shenanigans in the first place. Five sacrificing himself to fix a time issue would actually be pretty poetic in terms of storytelling – something like going full circle; we're not even talking about death per se here, just some sort of sacrifice.

Yet another potential candidate for a grim ending is Victor; after suffering so much and finally getting at least some semblance of a life Elliot Page's character isn't going to have a happy ending after all, according to some fans' predictions.

Instead, he's going to have to sacrifice himself "since he's always the one who starts the apocalypse and the only fix is to be dead."

Finally, Allyson's chances to actually enjoy a quiet and happy little life she forcibly created in the season 3 finale are not too high. Fans believe that we'll get some sort of redemption arc for Allyson in season 4, with her getting killed for good this time:

"My prediction is Allison will die. Her power is too easy to use so she'll never stop abusing it (accidentally or not). She's already done this to Claire, Luther, Harlan and Viktor. She loses control and becomes ruthless way too easily and that causes huge conflicts among the family. So I think the only way to stop her constant violence is to kill her off somehow. Maybe she'll sacrifice herself so she can get a bit of a redemption arc towards the end." – /Laziest_Lizard_12

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