Rewatch at Your Own Risk: 15 Animated Movies That Haven't Aged Well

Rewatch at Your Own Risk: 15 Animated Movies That Haven't Aged Well
Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

If you think that animated movies age better than live-action ones, we're here to prove you wrong.

There are so many things that can seem wrong in an animated feature after some time passes: from the animation itself to the topics it highlights and to the specifics of the production, so not everything can stand the test of time.

Disney classics are still held in high regard all over the world despite looking quite controversial from the plot point in the current cultural climate.

These works are pieces of art, but they should be enjoyed with a disclaimer that states that they reflect the views and commons of the era of their production. That doesn't make some of the scenes in Pinocchio and Dumbo less disturbing: and they were disturbing even back then!

While some animated movies despite being deemed bad ended up immortalized through becoming a meme, like Bee Movie, others weren't that successful.

They weren't bad enough to warrant laughs from the online audience, but not good enough to genuinely grab viewers' attention. Some of these just couldn't find their audience, like 9, and failed at delivering the storyline in an engaging way — both on release and now.