Riverdale Brings Everyone Back For Final Season, Except The Only Character Fans Really Want

Riverdale Brings Everyone Back For Final Season, Except The Only Character Fans Really Want
Image credit: The CW

No one has seen all three Blossom siblings in one room.

Riverdale season 7 premiered with much more praise from fans than anyone could have expected, given their reactions to the trailer and the big time jump.

With many positive reviews and genuine excitement for the next episodes came very few questions and complaints. One, however, continues to bother the audience and demands a larger discussion.

As actors and sources from the show's production team began to confirm rumors of several important and notable character comebacks, fans were left wondering if they would get the comeback they really wanted.

Though deceased in the current timeline, Jason Blossom has made several appearances throughout the show in flashbacks that explain his history.

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Now that all the characters are time-traveling in the parallel universe of the '50s, it is possible to see some fan favorites come back to life, and Riverdale viewers are extremely disappointed not to see him among the others.

The fact that the writers decided to introduce another Blossom sibling, especially for season 7 does not help either.

Instead of getting to know Julian Blossom, who was previously only known to viewers in puppet form, fans would rather get more insight into someone they already love.

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With no hope of getting official answers, viewers have taken to Reddit to try and figure it out for themselves. Two main theories could explain Jason's absence: one is plot-driven and the other is more practical.

While the first plot-driven theory suggests that Julian's appearance instead of Jason's is the result of another "anomaly." The second theory, however, may make more sense and explain the writers' choices a bit better.

"I love these in-universe theories, but I also wonder if the show wanted someone who can act because Julian seems like he'll have a bigger speaking role than Jason ever did.

No shade to the actor who plays Jason, but they seemed to go out of their way to make sure he very rarely had to speak, even in flashbacks and dreams," Redditor akcvtt said, pointing out what could affect the writers' decision from a production side.

Whether any of these theories are correct you could find out by following the episodes of the final season. Tune in to The CW every Wednesday and keep an eye out for new behind-the-scenes details.