Riverdale Fans Pinpoint An Exact Moment The Show Went Downhill

Riverdale Fans Pinpoint An Exact Moment The Show Went Downhill
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Sometimes it’s not campy, it’s just downright bad.

Even though the Riverdale finale just hit our screens last Wednesday, and feelings about it, good and bad, are still fresh, fans have already begun to reflect on the show's entire journey. And it's safe to say that Riverdale has had its fair share of ups and downs.

As much as the majority of the fandom loved the sudden time jump to the '50s for the final season before it happened, Riverdale wasn't at its best. Not only did the finale unite all the hardcore fans who had followed the show from the beginning, but it also brought those who had been out of the loop for years to their screens.

Now people are left wondering what exactly went wrong with Riverdale that forced so many people to give it up. According to what fans have shared on r/riverdale, the vast majority believe that the decline began in season 3 and continued through the years, ending in a total mess in season 7.

“[Season 3] was the start of it going downhill. Season 4 was a car crash (no joke intended) as they had no idea how to respond to Luke Perry dying. 5 was trash. In 6 I thought they were saying "lol this is completely ruined anyway let's just give them superpowers" and I actually found it more entertaining,” Redditor muttonwow shared.

While many viewers enjoyed the time jump, it was obvious that it was only done to save the story and give the characters a decent ending, even if it meant erasing six years of character development. With so many storylines suddenly thrown out the window, fans are left wondering if they were necessary in the first place.

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Whether you liked the ending or thought it was a complete waste of everything that had been written and produced in the show before, there is no denying how much the show meant to the teen drama genre and how much it was able to change over the 7 years of its run.

Now that The CW is officially entering its new era, which promises to be very different from what we know of the network, we will always have Riverdale to come back to and enjoy the pure chaos that it was.

What did you think about Riverdale’s finale?

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