Riverdale Finale Reveals A Romantic Twist No One Saw Coming (And It Is Genius)

Riverdale Finale Reveals A Romantic Twist No One Saw Coming (And It Is Genius)
Image credit: The CW

Turns out, you can actually please everyone.

If there's one thing no one expected the finale of Riverdale to be, it's ordinary. The show that has been battling an insane amount of hate on the internet for the past few years, and continues to bring the most satirical and campy high school stories to our screens, went all out for the final episode.

The episode not only nicely wrapped up the season's storyline, but also managed to address all of the issues that fans have been concerned about throughout the show's run. The production team behind the show made sure that the finale would leave fans with a bittersweet taste in their mouths, but also a celebration that they'd want to come back to if they missed the show.

One of the bigger questions that many people were asking at the beginning of season 7 was who would be an endgame for Archie Andrews. As the season progressed and some very unexpected pairings were introduced, it became even harder to tell what the writers had in mind for these characters.

As it turns out, Archie and Veronica end up together. But also Archie and Betty end up together. Even Archie and Jughead are in a happy relationship.

In order to please everyone who rooted for every possible relationship between these 4 characters, the producers made a truly ingenious decision. Let them all function as a perfectly normal polyamorous relationship with each other. While this modern take is not what we're used to seeing on TV, it feels like the best decision the team could have made.

Not only does it represent and normalize the less conventional and scrutinized relationship models, but it also feels like the most Riverdale-y twist ever. Just when you think the show has nothing more to surprise you with, it comes up with another crazy storyline.

And that's exactly why Riverdale, with all its beautiful absurdity, will be so missed by fans. If you already feel like the loss of the show is too much for you to handle, you can go ahead and rewatch it from the beginning, as it's available to stream on Netflix.