'Riverdale' Is Officially Cancelled, And Fans Reacted In An Unexpected Way

'Riverdale' Is Officially Cancelled, And Fans Reacted In An Unexpected Way
Image credit: Legion-Media

The CW's long-running mystery teen drama is finally coming to an end after its upcoming Season 7.

The series, based on the Archie comic book characters, debuted in 2017, and the first season received great reviews from fans and critics, who praised the show for its adult take on the iconic family-friendly heroes. 'Riverdale ' cast members, including KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, quickly became superstars, but their seven-year contracts with The CW ruined their solo careers. With a significant decline in the screenplay quality and overall narrative of the show, fans began to wish for the show's early cancellation, joking about it on social media.

And now the time has finally come – The CW has announced that 'Riverdale' will indeed end after the upcoming Season 7, leading many fans to wonder how the network is going to stay relevant if all of its major shows, except 'The Flash ', have been canceled this year.

Others are simply happy for the cast of the show, who will finally be free of their demanding contracts and will be able to develop a solo career.

However, some 'Riverdale' fans are saddened by the ending of the series, even after all the bizarre twists and turns that took place in the previous installments of the small-town saga.