Robert Pattinson's Unfiltered Thoughts on Twilight's New Moon

Robert Pattinson's Unfiltered Thoughts on Twilight's New Moon
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It's better than what you think, we promise.

It's easy to deal with haters when you're part of a Twilight fandom. After all, no one hates the franchise more than Robert Pattinson, who played one of the lead roles of Edward Cullen in all the movies.

You'd think that someone whose career was boosted so much by the story would be more grateful, but Pattinson stayed true to his position for many years.

The sudden fame that fell on the young actor's head must have been an ordeal that Pattinson could not survive without damaging his mental health.

Under the scrutiny of fans and the press, the actor had to fight to be seen outside the image of Edward Cullen. As he later admitted, if he did not star in Twilight, he would just join the haters himself.

But it seems that as the years went by, the old feelings started to wash away.

Whether it is nostalgia, a newfound unironic love for late '00s teen dramas, or the amount of love Twilight continues to get from its fans to this day, Pattinson's mind has changed for the better.

"People come up and just have very fond memories of it. It's a really sweet thing. I think the only scary part was right in the thick of it all when it was very, very intense.

Now the intensity has died down and it's just very warm memories," the actor admitted in his interview for USA Today, finally coming to an agreement with all the fans of the franchise.

It's nice to see that the fanbase that has grown up over the years has learned to be more subtle and respectful with its love for the actor.

In return, he's now willing to admit that the Twilight era wasn't all that bad for him, either, and even find the courage to re-watch a movie or two.

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