Rumored Batman 2 Villain is So Boring, Literally Anyone Would Be a Better Pick

Rumored Batman 2 Villain is So Boring, Literally Anyone Would Be a Better Pick
Image credit: Legion-Media

No matter who you believed to be the bad guy in the Batman sequel, your choice was probably better.

Warner Bros. confirmed in April that the long-anticipated Batman sequel with Robert Pattinson as the titular character was in development. However, the good news was quickly overshadowed by the prospect of a long wait, with rumors saying that the second movie won't hit theatres before 2025.

On top of that, new speculations suggest that the villain choice for the sequel might be the most boring ever.

According to a widespread social media rumor, the new bad guy Pattinson's Batman will have to face will be... Hush.

A quick heads-up: Hush is a pseudonym of Dr. Thomas Elliott, who was Bruce Wayne's childhood friend. However, he turned into a costumed criminal who used a nursery rhyme Hush as his villain name. His face is covered in bandages to hide his identity — a little homage to Elliott's skills in surgery.

However, fans are not happy with Hush as Batman's next villain, mainly because of how Nolan-esque "realistic", maybe even too grounded, the story might be if he is truly the main antagonist of the second movie. According to fans, the sequel should be "more fantastical" so that writers have more space for creativity.

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Another reason for fans hating on Hush is the fact that the Batman universe actually has a wide choice of other villains who are "a thousand times better". The first movie has teased Barry Keoghan's Joker, albeit in a deleted scene, and many fans are pushing for Court of Owls to become the antagonist of the future movie.

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But it seems that this might be the truth fans will have to put up with.

"It seems most people, myself included, dont want Hush as The Batman 2's villain but i think we're all gonna have to mentally accept that its happening. [These] new rumors plus Reeves actually mentioning him during the press for The Batman cant be this much of a coincidence by now," Twitter user LanternJS said.

Some fans seem to be ready to accept Hush as a side character, or maybe an additional villain, but definitely not as the main bad guy of the sequel.

Still, there is plenty of time for The Batman 2 to establish its characters' line-up and storyline so that it satisfies the majority of the fandom. After all, the Hush rumors have not been officially confirmed, so it might be way too early for haters to rise up in arms.