Rupert Grint's Daughter's Reaction to Seeing Him in Harry Potter Was Priceless

Rupert Grint's Daughter's Reaction to Seeing Him in Harry Potter Was Priceless
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Like many of his fellow stars, the Harry Potter films will live with Rupert Grint forever.

Being a significant part of his life it's something he is desperate to share with his daughter. And based on her reaction, she's going to take straight after her dad.

Currently only two years old, Grint had a daughter with his long-term partner Georgia Groome, back in May of 2020. That November, he joined Instagram to share a picture of their newborn, whom they lovingly named Wednesday.

However, he accidentally broke a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. Even years after his start in the films, he remains increasingly popular.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, promoting his new film Knock at the Cabin, Grint briefly discussed introducing his daughter to the Harry Potter films.

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Admitting that she hasn't seen any of the entire movies yet, he has shown her certain scenes because of her interest in magic and dragons. Naturally, seeing your dad in a film doing magic is probably quite a shocking thing.

"It has blown her mind," said Grint, describing his daughter's reaction, "seeing her dad do a spell. Obviously, she thinks it's real."

Grint thinks she may be a bit young currently to watch the movies properly. But he is looking forward to the day she can enjoy one of the full movies properly. Expressing how excited he is to share them with her one day.

While talking about the Harry Potter franchise, he was also asked about the possibility of returning to the franchise in future films. He admitted currently, to his knowledge, there are no conversations about reuniting everyone for another movie.

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However, he felt that if something was in the works in the future, and everyone else was willing to join, he would certainly be up for another movie as Ron Weasley.

He also revealed Daniel Radcliffe mentioned to him personally that he is also interested in returning to the series but wants to take a Star Wars approach to the return. Meaning they wait for 30-40 years and then return to the characters at a later stage in their lives.

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Of course, the most obvious story to tell would be a screen adaptation of J.K Rowling's The Cursed Child. A sequel to the previous books, which sees some of the main characters return to help their own children in an entirely new original adventure.

The prospect of any new Harry Potter films is exciting to any fan of the movies. But more films may also attract a whole new and younger generation to the magical wizarding world of the series. Maybe it is something that Grint's daughter will be pushing him to do once she is old enough to fully appreciate the movies for herself.