Russel Crowe Could've Played Satan In 'Love And Thunder'

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Reddit knows why this undeniably brilliant idea was scrapped after all.

It seems that the legendary Australian actor was in talks to star as the Lord of Hell himself before the film's script was even approved.

Russell Crowe joined the MCU this year as Zeus, the Olympic god of thunder. Although Taika Waititi brought his trademark sense of humor to the film, allowing Crowe to shine in a more comedic role than many of the actor's fans are used to, he was originally scheduled to star in the much scarier role of Satan. In the original Marvel Comics, the title of Satan is disputed by many demons, and over thousands of years, no consensus has been reached. Given that, it would have been very surprising if Kevin Feige reversed that decision and hired Crowe for the role.

But, as all Marvel fans know all too well, this interesting cast choice never came to fruition, and people are wondering why. Some are sure it has to do with Feige's excessive plans for the franchise, as well as rumors about the presence of another powerful evil being, Mephisto, in the Disney+ series 'Agatha: House of Harkness'.

Others put forward even wilder theories, claiming that the Chinese censorship commission had something to do with the decision.

"Doesn't China object heavily to depictions of the devil? IIRC that's why people said they didn't include Mephisto in WandaVision." – /Henson_Disney48.

Despite all this, people support Waititi's change of heart, praising Crowe for his hilarious and interesting performance as Zeus.

"I really don't see how Satan playing the role of Zeus could work here. Maybe they changed it because they wanted to play safe but imo it looks like a change for better. And if it was a smaller role then it would probably be a waste of Russel Crowe." – /Dealiner.

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