Ryan Gosling In Talks To Lead The Revival Of The Iconic 80's TV Series

Ryan Gosling In Talks To Lead The Revival Of The Iconic 80's TV Series
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Ryan Gosling's sabbatical is finally over: the actor's involvement in the upcoming movies 'Grey Man', 'Barbie' and the high-stakes thriller based on the famous television series proves that he's back for good.

The upcoming film will be based on the 1980s television show 'The Fall Guy ', in which Lee Majors played the role of a Hollywood stuntman doubling as a bounty hunter. The series ran successfully on ABC for 5 seasons, full of action, intrigue and a bit of Hollywood satire. Plans to revive the series for the big screens have been nurtured since the early 2010s, with Dwayne Johnson in the title role.

It seems that Ryan Gosling 's three-year absence from the movies couldn't help but affect his financial situation: the actor has moved away from auteur films toward blockbusters, including the Netflix film 'The Grey Man' by the Russo brothers and the Gretta Gerwig's 'Barbie ', in which he will co-star with Margot Robbie.

Fans are already poking fun at 'Fall Guy' being pretty similar to Gosling's beloved film 'Drive', which also involved violence and driving fast cars.

Fans of the original Majors-led series are cautious about approving Gosling for the lead role, hoping that the upcoming film won't ruin the legacy of their favorite show.