Scarlet Witch is Rumored To Make a Cameo In Disney+ 'Wonder Man' Series

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Disney+ just surprised millions of the MCU fans with its announcement that a series centered around one really obscure superhero is in development, but it looks like surprises won't end there.

It has been officially confirmed that a 'Wonder Man' series is in development, and according to some high-profile industry insiders, it will be a full-fledged comedy. Destin Daniel Cretton and 'Community' creator Andrew Guest will team up to create a series based on the story of an underrated superhero. Wonder Man first appeared in the original Marvel Comics back in the 1960s and was initially considered a supervillain, only to switch to a good side a couple of years later. Despite the character's incredible power, he never gained any real popularity, which will certainly change thanks to Kevin Feige's unorthodox decision to make a series with Wonder Man in the lead.

In the original comic book storyline, Wonder Man was reborn as a hero thanks to none other than the Scarlet Witch, and as one insider suggests, Elizabeth Olsen's character is being discussed for an appearance in the Disney+ series.

Fans are more than willing to give this little-known character a chance to shine, especially if Wanda is also involved in the project. And as one fan noted on Reddit, Feige and Co. are definitely capable of turning even the most obscure character into an icon.

"I say have at it. Tony was a B-rate character before the MCU. Marvel was too afraid to say the magic word, but Doc Strange and Wanda (eventually) were hits. They made Groot, Rocket, and Moon Knight work. They made Garfield Spider-man’s characters work. The MCU seems to be doing good at making what is odd or doomed to fail by conventional rules of playing it safe." – /ciel_lanila.

While there is no official confirmation other than that Cretton and Guest are involved in the project, fans expect to hear more this September at D23 expo.

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