‘Season Never’: Station 19 Showrunners Get Candid on S8 That Never Was

‘Season Never’: Station 19 Showrunners Get Candid on S8 That Never Was
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Some stories will remain untold.


  • Started as a Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Station 19 has been ABC's staple firefighting procedural since 2018.
  • Last December, fans were stunned by the disheartening news that the show would be canceled after the upcoming season 7.
  • The show's new showrunners were devastated to learn that some of their plans would never come to fruition.

There is nothing more devastating than hearing that your favorite TV show has been canceled. However disappointed and devastated the audience feels upon hearing such news, it is only doubled when it comes to the cast and crew behind the project, who have poured their hearts into it for years.

ABC’s Station 19 is no exception to that. And, although the show did have time to rearrange the episodes and make sure everything is properly wrapped up by its final season, the upcoming premiere is still bittersweet for everyone involved.

From the ideas that will never come to fruition to making sure the show gets the finale that does justice to the journey, new showrunners just getting behind the wheel of Station 19 have had to experience it all.

Was Station 19 Canceled on ABC?

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To say that season 7 of Station 19 was always going to bring change would have been an understatement. The show was getting ready to start anew, with new bosses looking over the direction of the story, and without one of the show's stars, Pat Healy as Michael Dixon. Little did anyone know that the most shocking update was still yet to come.

Speaking with TVLine, Station 19's new showrunners, Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige, recalled the disappointment of learning that their first season in the new position would also be their last. What's even more devastating is that the show's cancellation has put a stop to some major developments that would have led to season 8.

“We definitely had some story ideas that we had to let go of. Like, there was a really complex arson storyline that we’d never done on the show. We had to say, ‘OK, well, that’s going to be a Season Never story,’” Paige said.

Of course, the showrunners weren't the only ones affected by the cancellation news. They managed to drop the bombshell on the cast and crew in an offline face-to-face meeting just minutes before it leaked to the press. Still, everyone involved in the production did their best to give Station 19 the closure it deserved.

What began as a Grey's Anatomy spin-off has long since transcended that title and become a world of its own. To see where the show's final season takes its characters, tune in to the March 14 premiere on ABC.

Source: TVLine