'Shang-Chi' Animated Prequel Series Seemingly Confirmed

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It seems that Marvel Studios was pleased with how Destin Daniel Cretton-directed blockbuster fared at the box office, and gave the go-ahead not only for a sequel, but also for a spin-off.

'Legend of the Ten Rings' managed to win fans' love from the very beginning, thanks to the charming lead role of Simu Liu, crazy martial arts action sequences and a heartbreaking villain played by Tony Leung, so people are looking forward to other MCU projects with Asian overtones, and the major studio is ready to provide them. Cretton is already developing a sequel and spin-off Disney + to its original blockbuster, and it looks like Kevin Feige has no intention of stopping there.

According to a scoop shared by Murphy's Multiverse, Marvel Studios is looking for a Mandarin-speaking actress to voice a young character named Jin in an animated project about a race of aliens trying to collect a series of missing artifacts with incredible powers. Needless to say, people quickly guessed that these artifacts were actually the Ten Rings, and this project would likely focus on their arrival on Earth.

"Sounds like a Ten Rings prequel. We know Secret Invasion is already happening and we know it has nothing to do with a Chinese character or missing artifacts." – /KostisPat257.

But that's not all, some avid fans suspect that this animated project could be the cornerstone for all of Phase 4, and its characters may include several familiar faces.

"Could be a sequel too, or maybe they’re doing two crossover events for Phase 4 since there are so many characters, so like one for like Dane Whitman, Shang Chi, Wong, Kamala, etc, and one for Loki, Antman, Dr Strange, etc" – /BigDulles.

However, some people disagree, arguing that the animated format of the proposed show is definitely not appropriate for a large-scale, world-changing event.

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