'She-Hulk' CGI is Still Bad, Leaves Fans Frustrated

Image credit: Disney+

Recently released still from the upcoming Disney+ series further fuels fans' hatred of show's bad CGI.

'She-Hulk' starring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, a New York attorney trying to come to terms with her newfound superpowers, is no doubt highly anticipated by all MCU fans, but one thing greatly spoiled the series even before its release: bad CGI. Fans derided the She-Hulk model as one of the quirkiest looking character models of all time, hoping that Kevin Feige and his team would step in and save the series by completely changing the CGI. And yet, as a recently released shot proves, that's not going to happen.

And it looks like fans have finally found the reason why Maslany looks so weird with all those CGI graphics – her lip color is pink, which really ruins the whole green-skinned vibe that could be called positive.

While some fans just call Jennifer's pink lips "unsettling" without offering some sound reason for it, others think it has something to do with uncanny valley phenomenon; maybe there is something in there: after all, Hulk, being less "human" looking (and without those pretty pink lips which also helps), doesn't, indeed, make this unsettling effect on viewers.

Others have gone even further, using the background characters found in the picture as proof that there is something wrong with She-Hulk's design.

"It's not just that. Look at the colour of everyone's skin in the background. They're mostly white people yet their skin appears red/pink in this lighting – she-hulk's skin is the same colour that it always is." – /wafflepantsblue.

Fans are already threatening Marvel Studios with a boycott if She-Hulk is not redesigned before the series premieres on August 17, 2022.

"Uncanny valley as hell. I'm a very old She Hulk fan and this show is a massive disappointment in PR so far. Whomever was running the CG department and allocating budget failed. Badly. It very much feels like it didn't have to look this bad." – /ASDirect.

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