Sheridan Disses Westerns, Says Yellowstone Is the First to Do It Right

Sheridan Disses Westerns, Says Yellowstone Is the First to Do It Right
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He doesn't seem to lack any confidence, that's for sure.

If there's one thing fans love about Yellowstone, besides Kevin Costner, it's the authenticity the series brings to life in the backcountry. Though there are still many people who enjoy this lifestyle, the masses who are forced to live in the concrete jungle of big cities don't get to experience it.

Except through television, of course.

Now that even more people are being exposed to the modern cowboy lifestyle as the show airs on CBS to replace the shows delayed by the SAG-AFTRA strike, it's having its own renaissance. People are getting to know the characters, the environment they're in, and their daily struggles.

As for the plot, well, even showrunner Taylor Sheridan admits it's not a big deal. In fact, it's almost nonexistent and was never the writer's first priority. He was too captivated by the idea of a modern Western genre itself. He said this in an interview with Deadline:

"The rest [of the show] is purely exploring the relationship between characters and a lifestyle and also having a lot of fun peeking at the real world of modern day cowboys. Because absolutely nobody but modern day cowboys knows what that is. It has never been done right, so I have a lot of fun showcasing that world the way it is."

Although the statement is bold, the audience seems to agree with it, giving Yellowstone and its various spin-offs as much love and attention as it needs to stay afloat. Besides, the lack of plot can actually make for a nice change on television, because with little to no plot, there are little to no annoying plot holes.

Unfortunately for the Yellowstone team, the last year has been quite troubled for the show, as even before the writers and actors strike, the show's reputation was shaken by rumors of the series ending due to Kevin Costner's departure.

Now that the end of the series has been confirmed, fans of the show are eagerly waiting for more news about the presence of the main star in the finale.

If you want to challenge Taylor Sheridan's statement and make up your own mind about Yellowstone, you can either stream the entire show on Paramount Plus or tune in to CBS every Sunday to watch the show every week starting with season 1.

Source: Deadline