Should You Watch 'House of the Dragon' If You Never Saw 'Game of Thrones'?

Should You Watch 'House of the Dragon' If You Never Saw 'Game of Thrones'?
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POV: you have never seen a single episode of 'Game of Thrones', and now the whole thing seems to be back with a prequel, and your social media are exploding.

'House of the Dragon ' only released its first episode a day ago, and it is already the biggest premiere of the year 2022 that has officially surpassed the second season of 'Euphoria ' and 'Stranger Things 4'.

Scoring around 10 million viewers in the United States, the 'Game of Thrones ' prequel has naturally slid into social media feeds of even those who have never watched the original show. Of course, one would feel at least intrigued to check out the show that demonstrated the figures so impressive.

But won't it be too hard to understand what's actually going in 'House of the Dragon' for someone who does not feel quite as confident in the 'Game of Thrones' universe as old-school fans? Seems like… it won't.

According to some people who have already surrendered to the temptation and checked out the first episode while never being into 'Game of Thrones', 'House of the Dragon' feels exciting and compelling even if you know virtually nothing about the original universe aside from the names "Jon Snow" and "Daenerys Targaryen". Given that the show is a prequel, even these big names don't make much difference for a regular viewer.

One fantasy lover on Reddit shared an opinion that 'House of the Dragon' is already so brilliant that it might inspire them to check out the original universe anyway.

However, with all the social pressure to watch 'House of the Dragon' now that it makes such noise, people who have never watched 'Game of Thrones' might feel even more obliged to never come across the prequel just out of principle. If that's your call, you might land another reason to be proud of yourself… or you might simply be missing out on a good live-action fantasy series.

'House of the Dragon' premiered on Sunday, with its first episode currently streaming on HBO Max.