Sony's Boss Comments On Tom Holland And Zendaya Returning For More 'Spider-Man' Action

Sony's Boss Comments On Tom Holland And Zendaya Returning For More 'Spider-Man' Action
Image credit: Legion-Media

Ever since the cliffhanger ending to 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', fans were wondering if Tom Holland will return to his role for more adventures in the MCU.

Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and most of the characters associated with his story, so Disney and Marvel Studios have to negotiate with them whenever they need to include one of these characters in the MCU. So, the question of whether Spider-Man will return has constantly plagued fans, forever afraid of Sony's refusal to let Tom Holland play the character. Now we finally know if Sony is okay with Marvel Studios using the popular superhero again in the future.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Sony's Motion Picture Group chairman Tim Rothman gave his opinion on Holland and Zendaya 's performances in the MCU trilogy, saying that his company stands by their return to a rival company.

"We have our Marvel business, which breaks into three tranches. There are the Spider-Man movies, and we're currently at work on two Spider-Verse sequels to our Oscar winning animated movie, with Lord and Miller. We hope to get working on the next Spider-Man movie," Rothman said.

Sony seems to be looking at Watts' Spider-Man trilogy as a joint project between the two major film companies, and its hopes for a follow-up are definitely a good sign for Holland fans if the actor decides to return to his breakout role.

Fans are already debating why Holland is rumored not to be returning to the role of Spider-Man, claiming that his story is just beginning.