Sony’s 2 Biggest Video Game Adaptations Get A Long Overdue Update

Sony’s 2 Biggest Video Game Adaptations Get A Long Overdue Update
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It was officially confirmed at CES 2024 that work on the scripts for both projects has finally begun.


  • Following the success of The Last of Us, fans were excited to hear that two more PlayStation games were getting TV adaptations
  • Now it has finally been confirmed that the scripts for the Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War TV shows are in development
  • Both projects have great potential, but the path taken by the God of War series seems particularly intriguing

The Last of Us TV series, based on a video game franchise that started out as a PlayStation exclusive, turned out to be absolutely brilliant and one of the best adaptations to date, giving fans hope that the era of terrible video game adaptations is finally over.

In light of this, the announcement of two more TV shows based on major video game franchises for Sony PlayStation, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, was well received.

However, since the announcements were very brief and no further updates were given on the status of the projects, the reveal flew under the radar for some fans.

Work On God of War and Horizon Zero Scripts Has Officially Begun

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Fortunately, the start of a new year brings some potentially great news, as it was confirmed at the CES 2024 press conference that the writing process for both projects has already begun, suggesting that from now on we might get more updates pretty soon.

The Horizon Zero Dawn TV series will be released on Netflix and, judging by the title, will follow the events of the first game in the Horizon franchise.

Without getting into spoiler territory, the games are set in a world where humanity has been thrown back to its primitive state after an apocalyptic event, with tribes living alongside various machines that resemble different animals.

Aloy, a young member of the Nora tribe, must embark on a long journey to unravel the mystery of why the machines have suddenly become more aggressive than before and learn the truth about the fall of human civilization.

The idea of turning the game into a series instead of a movie has received praise from fans, as such a format would allow viewers to immerse themselves in the well-developed world of Horizon, with its completely unique take on the post-apocalypse, without any rush.

The God of War TV Series Looks Particularly Promising

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However, the situation regarding the God of War TV series developed for Amazon Prime Video is a bit more interesting, as the image shown at the conference seems to confirm that the project will revolve around God of War 2018, which was a soft reboot for the franchise.

The original games, which were released from 2005 to 2013, were set in ancient Greece and didn't really have a deep story, following the titular God of War, Kratos, on his quest to take revenge on the other Olympians.

The 2018 game made a drastic change in tone, as after Kratos moved to the realm of the Norse gods and became a father, he has grown into a much deeper and more complex character, a far cry from his furious and reckless younger self.

Fans believe that using the 2018 "reboot" as the basis for the show is a great decision, as it would allow viewers unfamiliar with the original games to slowly learn Kratos' backstory from the perspective of his son, Atreus, who is initially unaware of his father's violent past.

Either way, both projects remain in the early stages of development for now, with no release dates announced, so fans will have to wait for further updates, which will no doubt come sooner or later.

Sources: Sony via YouTube, Reddit

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