Sorry, Blue Bloods Fans, Looks Like Daez Won't Happen After All

Sorry, Blue Bloods Fans, Looks Like Daez Won't Happen After All
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After weeks of hoping that the slow-burning romance would finally turn into something more, fans of Danny and Baez were dealt a huge blow after a new episode.

The last few days have been tough for Baez shippers, as the newest episode had Danny Reagan bravely putting himself out there and dating again years after the tragic death of his wife. However, not everything went as the shippers expected.

It turns out that there is someone very special who may have been on Danny's mind after all this time. Detective Laura Acosta, who is in the spotlight and trying to retire due to the lingering pain she suffers from an accident that happened several years ago, is now Danny's love interest. Obviously, he feels guilty because Acosta was covering his shift when the accident happened; but now things go way beyond guilt. In the end of the episode, Danny reveals he had a fancy dinner with Acosta.

While it is definitely a big step for Danny to be dating again after spending years being single and grieving widower, fans that have been rooting for a Danny/Baez romance are outraged. Now that Acosta seems to be spicing things up, many people are worried that Baez won't be the endgame after all.

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However, some people are not giving up hope and are now expecting Detective Acosta to be nothing more than a plot device to get Danny ready for love again. In fact, Laura may be around for a few episodes and then gone.

"Baez was there for Danny when Linda died and we've been watching their relationship develop onscreen for LITERAL 10 [years], but in one scene you're gonna inform me that this applies to another character we've never seen and expect me to just go with it? Yeah, no," said Twitter user artemiscira.

There are those who want Danny and Baez to stay what they already are: long-time partners with great chemistry. Some fans believe that if the two fall in love, it would be a "Jamie and Eddie story clone.

But the majority of Daez shippers are fuming online, vowing to keep rioting and demanding that their favorite couple get together against all odds, even if the writers have already chosen a different path for them. Some fans say, "Danny and Baez scenes together are why people still watch."

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Will the showrunners dare to ruin that? Wait and see when Blue Bloods returns this Friday on CBS.