Sorry, Cavill: Pattinson is the New Face of DCU, and It's The Worst Gunn's Decision So Far

Sorry, Cavill: Pattinson is the New Face of DCU, and It's The Worst Gunn's Decision So Far
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DC Studios co-boss James Gunn, who's been making headlines all over the film industry media, has once again sent the DCU and Batman fans into a frenzy.

Gunn retweet a tweet by Variety with a link to its senior entertainment writer Adam B. Vary's story, which cited his sources as saying that Gunn and Safran were looking to incorporate Matt Reeves' and Robert Pattison's Batman into their "wider DC universe".

The DC Studios co-CEO said the Variety's information was incorrect.

"There are few reporters I love more than @adambvary – truly a good guy – but in this case he needs to get a new source as this is entirely untrue," Gunn's tweet reads.

While it is not clear whether or not Variety's sources are in the know of James Gunn 's actual plans, what if Robert Pattison's Batman will become a new leader of the brushed up Justice League?

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At first glance this could be a very good twist, a sort of promotion for Pattison's Batman because as we know he is only in the beginning of his career, he is a committed personality and he was well-received by the fans.

Matt Reeves' world could serve a perfect starting point for the Batman's future adventures while other heroes of the Justice League will join in step by step in the future. But there's one problem. Such a concept would be counterproductive for Gunn and Safran since they would have to take over from Reeves and lose what they already have. The twist will also ruin Matt Reeves' very special Gotham plans because The Batman was intended as the foundation of his own standalone franchise, which has nothing to do with the DCU.

A lot of Reeve's fans would certainly prefer to have their Batman universe totally separated from the DCU. One of the comments on Reddit says that the fans wouldn't like to see Batman fighting in space alongside an alien who can bend a tank with just one finger, the daughter of Zeus, a man who talks to fish and some other one who can run at the speed of light. This just makes no sense at all.

Pattison's Batman is a detective fighting street level criminals and he is nowhere near an astronaut. This down-to-earth character, a street level hero, would hardly fit in the DCU. Other redditors agree saying that Matt Reeves should keep control of his solo universe.

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There's nothing wrong with the DCU Batman though – he is just a different type of a superhero and it should remain so.