Sorry, Season 19: Early Seasons of Grey's Anatomy Are Still Better Than Newer Once

Sorry, Season 19: Early Seasons of Grey's Anatomy Are Still Better Than Newer Once
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Grey's Anatomy is nearing its 20th season of existence which is an impressive accomplishment for one of the most popular shows ever to air on ABC.

However, not every fan believes the medical drama is heading in the right direction. For many, the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy are still substantially better than newer episodes.

It's a trend that is common with any TV show, especially one that has been running for nearly 20 years. After all, maintaining interest and entertaining audiences becomes more difficult with each subsequent season. Consequently, every series attempts to avoid the fate that so many beloved TV shows have witnessed beforehand – a slow, brutal exodus from mainstream audiences.

Grey's Anatomy recently premiered its 19th season in early October returning to the hospital and introducing a new ensemble. The cast has undergone several changes throughout the years, including Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) taking more of a backseat role in season 19. Pompeo, who is slated to appear in only half of the season 19 episodes, once again joins a team of surgical interns and residents as they work together to save the lives of patients.

It's a formula that has been productive for almost two decades, however, many fans of Grey's Anatomy insist that the latest seasons are diverting away from what makes the show iconic in the first place. For starters, there is a general consensus that the writing and acting are beginning to suffer on the TV show.

Redditors have alluded to the "performative activism" seen in Grey's Anatomy writing. Some audience members feel like the writing team is too focused on tackling relevant topics in new episodes that the show becomes preachy.

While the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy never strayed away from sensitive subjects or controversial issues, most feel like the new seasons are pushing an agenda. For example, the extended monologues where one character lectures another about a current issue are taking away from the purpose of the show. Grey's Anatomy used to make audiences think about the issues with empathy, now the writers just tell them what to think.

Moreover, the stories of the patients checking into Seattle Grace Hospital were an integral part of Grey's Anatomy. It has been noted how early seasons focused on having the audience connect with the patient. The patients featured distinct personalities, fears, and flaws, and their stories were woven into each episode. As a result, audiences connected with them.

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However, that same personal connection is lacking in the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Even worse, many believe the acting has also deteriorated as seasons have progressed, even with the recurring stars.

Indeed, the awkward mix between old and new actors has contributed to a dysfunctional cast that lacks chemistry. Another common complaint with the 19th season of Grey's Anatomy is the interns, residents, attendings, and supervisor no longer feel like one big family. The bloated cast seems disjointed and lacks a new lead character to root for.

What do you think – is the new season of Grey's Anatomy lacking a purpose? How do you compare the old episodes to the latest season?