'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Post-Credits Scene Leak is Too Depressing

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Post-Credits Scene Leak is Too Depressing
Image credit: Legion-Media

The more fun stuff, they said.

Despite the extended version of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' being touted as having "more fun stuff", it seems that the leaks from it are more likely to cause a new round of depression in Marvel fans.

You wonder why? Well, not least due to the fact that the extended version appears to show some pictures of Peter Parker and his class… but Peter himself seems to be erased from the photos.

This is because of the memory-altering spell cast by Doctor Strange at the end of 'No Way Home', which was the only way to prevent a multiversal catastrophe happening in the original MCU universe.

In the extended version, we see Betty showing off some pictures where Peter's face cannot be seen, even though his body remains there. It's unclear just who that is supposed to be, given that everyone has forgotten Peter Parker.

While fans are happy to see some additional content, the choice of the sub-title for the extended version seems to certainly be off for them. However, some are certain that the new cut is actually one of the rare instances of Sony Pictures finally doing something right.

"Honestly, I'm here for it. Calling this version "more fun stuff" was always a little odd to me, given how it ends- and I'm glad they're doubling down with the ending, rather than lightening it up." – /sebastianwillows

According to many Marvel fans, Sony should have gone with something more realistic and avoid the word "fun". Well, they are not exactly wrong: the post-credits scene in question is emotional, even heavy maybe, but certainly not all that fun.

"Good to know that 8 months after its release, this film is still finding new ways to make me sad." – /dame_sansmerci

Others slammed the studio for how exactly it handled the "erased" photos – because they looked like they were weirdly photoshopped.

"But is he erased in a "why is there so much empty space there" way or the "it's a completely normal photo and it does not look like an invisible person is standing between us" way." – /Doylgaafs

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' premiered in December 2021. The extended cut is due to release in theaters on September 2.