Spider-Verse's Secret Dimension Tease Has Fans Freaking Out

Spider-Verse's Secret Dimension Tease Has Fans Freaking Out
Image credit: Legion-Media

This summer, a highly anticipated sequel to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse will be released — and it already has a secret that keeps fans awake at night.

The continuation to 2018's hit animated movie, titled Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, will see its protagonists visit five worlds.

Description of four of them is already confirmed, although the fifth one is kept classified by movie's creators – but fans are already losing their minds over what world it might be.

The first movie became a global box office hit and fans' absolute darling. It had striking visuals, humor, heart and awesome twists.

A fun ride from start to finish. Two sequels have been since announced, with third one titled Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse to premier in 2024.

As if Across The Spider-Verse could be anticipated even more, now fans simply can't wait for the movie to come out, if Reddit is any indication.

"We've essentially made five films in one," Joaquim Dos Santos, one of the sequel's directors, told Empire in a recent interview.

We already know that Across The Spider-Verse will feature Earth-65, Mumbattan, Nueva York, and New London. But probably the most deliciously dazzling part – the fifth world – is kept under wraps.

And there are now plenty of theories among fans as to which world might it possibly be – considering it's kept so hush-hush by the directors.

The fans expressed what probably comes to mind first, however bizarre it might be:

"Lol the 5th universe is definitely the MCU universe duhhhh," Redditor Unique_Artist4276 says.

The idea of live-action universe being the fifth world is backed by the majority of fans, but some of them believe that the answer is not that obvious.

The speculation goes on to feature all kinds of ideas, including "venomverse" and "Japanese Spider-Man universe."

"90's animated Spider-Man for the mysterious fifth universe would be cool," Redditor FictionFantom weighs in.

The wish for Spectacular Spider-Man universe to pop up in the movie seems to get a lot of traction too, as visiting this world "would be a wonderful surprise for fans."

The fandom will get the chance to find out whether any of those theories are true only upon watching the movie when it comes out on June 2nd, 2023.