'Star Wars' Fans Petition For A Reva Solo Series

'Star Wars' Fans Petition For A Reva Solo Series
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Despite the initial hatred within Star Wars fandom, Moses Ingram's character enjoys a new surge in popularity after the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' finale.

The Third Sister, or Reva as she is more widely known, is a brand-new character created specifically for the Disney+ series, and this Inquisitor, desperately trying to please her master, Darth Vader, caused a great resonance among fans. Many found this new addition to the galaxy far, far away to be an underdeveloped, poorly acted and completely unnecessary character, prompting Lucasfilm, in turn, to accuse some disgruntled fans of racism. But now that the series has ended with a well-received finale, fans are beginning to reevaluate Reva's legacy, finding many commendable qualities in this conflicted antihero.

In the series finale, Reva finally leaves the Dark Side, refuses to kill young Luke Skywalker on Vader's orders and gives up her lightsaber, leaving Kenobi unharmed. Reva's redemption arc and her evolution from a fanatical follower of the Empire to a Jedi without a master is considered one of the miniseries' most important storylines, and some fans have even noted that the series could have worked with her as the main character.

"Reva is a great character, well written and well acted in terms of development, but it could've been her show or OWK's show. She's almost too much to be a side character, and I'd honestly like to see a Reva show, since she's interesting and conflicted and morally up and down. I think Disney has done better with new characters than existing ones, and while I enjoyed this series, I think it would have been fantastic without OWK at all, just a series about Reva subverting Vader's plans or something." – /batnastard.

So, it's no surprise that some fans are totally on board with the prospect of seeing Reva again, prompting Disney to develop a series about her life after the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' finale.

"Reva is now basically a ronin-type character. She has no master to control her, and now she’s alone, having survived the slaughter of the Jedi and being rejected by the Sith. She could be in a similar gray zone to Ahsoka Tano, but coming out of the Dark Side. I would like to see a miniseries following her, wherein she finds a new thing to live for that she chose of her own free will, culminating in her taking out her lightsaber’s Kyber crystals and purifying them, thus changing them to a new color. How dope would that be to see onscreen?" – /SamaritanPrime.

Of course, some fans are still against seeing Reva ever again, claiming that Moses Ingram 's acting ruined the whole series.

"After rewatching it… Reva is such a misfit. My friends pointed out her acting in many parts where she was trying to act too “intimidating” and it was so cringeworthy. She honestly ruined the show for me." – /saiias23.