Star Wars House of Cards-Style Spinoff You Never Knew You Needed

Star Wars House of Cards-Style Spinoff You Never Knew You Needed
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even if you thought we already have enough Star Wars spinoffs, wait until you know more about this particular idea.

It's definitely a good time to be a Star Wars fan nowadays, with the franchise blossoming with new content, from animated movies to TV shows. But even with this much Star Wars media arriving in recent months, there is a project that has not been announced yet, but fans already crave to see it.

Suggested by Redditor hampsterdam2018, the dream show is a House of Cards-style spinoff that would focus on Palpatine — one of the most iconic villains of the Star Wars franchise.

However, instead of the series going for some sort of redemption arc, it should focus exclusively on him being "just purely diabolical/manipulative politician".

Do we know how it ends? Surely we do. But it still doesn't make the show bad, especially in the wake of the prequels wave that has recently hit the geek community. While some fans did argue that there would be "no story" in such a spinoff, others beg to differ.

"People said the same thing about Better Call Saul when it was announced, and now it is regarded as equally good, or even better than Breaking Bad. Just hire Vince Gilligan to write the story," Redditor AdminOfThis suggested.

Portrayed by Ian McDiarmid in the nine-film Skywalker Star Wars saga, Palpatine. In the original trilogy, he is the Emperor, but previously he was a charismatic politician and a clandestine Sith Lord who masterminded the Clone Wars. He is also the one who lured Anakin Skywalker to join the Dark Side and subsequently become Darth Vader. Palpatine was also the mastermind behind the First Order — a military movement seeking to destroy the New Republic.

Over the decades, Palpatine has been a pop culture symbol of evil as recognizable as Lord Voldemort and Joker. A figure this prominent would work perfectly if the story of his solo project would be compelling enough, fans believe.

However, the recent slew of new Star Wars projects does not yet include anything exploring the backstory of Palpatine. But as the iconic franchise resurges to popularity, there is always hope. After all, some of the House of Cards writers are already involved in Disney 's Andor, so... who knows, right?