Stiles and Malia Breaking Up Was One of the Biggest Teen Wolf Fails

Stiles and Malia Breaking Up Was One of the Biggest Teen Wolf Fails
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Fans are frustrated that one of the best-built Teen Wolf couples split up for all the wrong reasons, and the facts point to Teen Wolf: The Movie likely reducing Stalia romantic storyline to nothing.

The upcoming Teen Wolf revival movie is set in 2026, which is 13 years after graduation and at least 12 years after the series ended. Many fans are looking forward to the movie for updates on their favorite pairings. One of the biggest questions fans have is, "Are Scott McCall and Malia Tate still together?

Could their romance have lasted more than a decade? According to what Tyler Posey said at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the movie picks up Scott living a "normal person's" life in Los Angeles instead of Beacon Hills and being "lonely."

Many fans think this comment could only mean one thing - he is single. It is still unclear where the movie puts Malia, but it seems pretty certain that the Scott/Malia pairing is no longer in play.

More than that, Alison's return will definitely stir up some old feelings and make things even more complicated for Scott, which annoys fans of the Stiles/Malia, aka Stalia, pairing. Why did the writers break up Stalia if they didn't intend for Malia's new relationship to last?

Even before it became clear that the Teen Wolf endgame couple would be wiped out by the movie, fans thought that the Scott/Malia pairing was a mistake. The opinion that Malia was always better off with Stiles, and that the breakup was one of the biggest mistakes the Teen Wolf writers made, is a popular one and is often voiced in various fan discussions.

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The relationship with Stiles developed gradually, starting in Season 3 when the human and werecoyote first met. Stiles was Malia's anchor, helping her maintain control over her transformations. They broke up in Season 5, but showed that they still cared for each other during the Ghost Riders storyline in the next season. Stiles and Malia completely drifted apart by the show's finale, leading many fans to believe it was nothing more than a "give Scott a girlfriend" storyline.