'Stranger Things 4': Did Will Byers Know About Vecna All Along?

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It seems that the season's main villain is not that of a mystery to Will.

In the latest 'Stranger Things 4' Volume 2 trailer, Will Byers seems to sound very confident when he describes Vecna's intentions regarding the Hawkins gang. At some point in the trailer, Will says that former Number One "is not going to stop, not until he's taken everyone".

Such confidence, especially coming from a shy character like Will, has prompted fans to think that he might know a lot more about Vecna than we previously thought. A lot of people are now sure that in season 1, it was Vecna who took Will, which might explain young Byers' familiarity with the villain's agenda.

"So the Cali crew isn't even in Hawkins yet, however Will already knows everything about Vecna????? that boy has powers idc what any of you have to say," – @lwtsbyler.

This fan theory does sound reasonable given that Will, 'Stranger Things' first ever victim, managed to survive pretty much every attack coming from the Upside Down. Besides, dedicated fans remember the importance of music in season 1, particularly the song 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' by The Clash that meant so much for Will and his older brother Jonathan. Perhaps this very song was something that helped Will escape Vecna.

In fact, many fans believe that the connection between Will and Vecna is pretty similar to that of Harry Potter and Voldemort.

"Vecna transferred part of his soul to will in the upside down. that's why he was able to play with the lights, that's why he knew to keep singing his favorite song, that's why he could survive for that long. that's also how he knows what Vecna wants. it's classic Harry/voldemort." – @ceIiasaint.

Many people also believe that Will might have powers similar to Eleven's, although fans are divided over whether he knows about his abilities or they are concealed from him – like Harry was also in the dark about being one of Voldemort's horcruxes.

The only way for us to know if this fan theory turns out to be true is to wait until Volume 2 hits Netflix on July 1.

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