'Stranger Things' Fan Theory Suggests Will is Coming Out in New Trailer

'Stranger Things' Fan Theory Suggests Will is Coming Out in New Trailer
Image credit: Netflix

Will the mystery of Will Byers' sexuality finally be resolved?

With less than two weeks left before the premiere of Volume 2 of 'Stranger Things ' season 4, every new TV spot and teaser triggers new speculations over what might happen in the upcoming season finale.

This time, it was several seconds of tearful Will Byers hugging his brother Jonathan that prompted many fans to think that Will decided to come out to him.

With the Duffer brothers being notably mum about Will's sexuality over the course of the TV show, a lot of people believe that the younger Byers brother is gay and has a crush on Mike Wheeler. Perhaps, fans suggest, the brief but dramatic moment between the Byers brothers shown in the trailer was when Will felt he could no longer keep things secret.

"The problem i have w this theory is that I'm 99% positive Johnathan already knows," – @Captain Lux.

While certain fans believe that the reason for Will's tears was Mike's rejection, others fear things might be way more heartbreaking than that. We need to remember that all things out of context might as well be Vecna's illusion haunting the characters, which is why some people quickly suggested that the scene may be Vecna just messing with Will.

Besides, one cannot rule out the possibility of Will reacting to someone's death.

"ASSUMING that's what happens in this scene. maybe somebody dies instead of will coming out. the most popular theory is that this is will coming out to Jonathan but it's actually Vecna putting him in a trance. i think it shouldn't be if only for will's sanity and his will to live," – @beefbeefbyers.

Some optimists believe that the scene may actually indicate something good happening to Will… finally.

"Even if he came out there's no saying that it has to affect anything with el and mike? they can have him come out without giving him a relationship. it's about the moment of acceptance that's important for will, not whether he gets a boyfriend," – @yeonjuncyj.

The issue of Will's sexuality remains to be addressed in the show, and virtually nothing can confirm or debunk the fan theories better than the actual premiere of Volume 2. 'Stranger Things' season 4 finale arrives on Netflix on July 1.