'Stranger Things' Fans Suspect Vecna Of Copying Lord Voldemort

'Stranger Things' Fans Suspect Vecna Of Copying Lord Voldemort
Image credit: Legion-Media

Newest 'Stranger Things' bad guy made quite an entrance in season 4, but many fans suspect him to be a bit too similar to the iconic 'Harry Potter' villain.

Vecna, or as he was previously known, Henry Creel, the main antagonist of the fourth season of the hit Netflix series, quickly attracted attention with his frightening skeleton-like appearance, but his origin story managed to send shivers down fans' spines. Described as a powerful wizard, Creel turned out to be Dr. Brenner's first test subject, whose difficult upbringing made him a real monster. Nevertheless, as many fans have noted, Vecna is far from an original character, as there are clear parallels between him and the dreaded Lord Voldemort.

Aside from shared origin stories and similar appearances, Vecna and Voldemort experience the same events in the course of the narrative of their respected projects – both were defeated by someone they trained (in the case of 'Stranger Things ', Eleven managed to defeat Creel), and both returned to life as deformed versions of themselves. And one more thing – the actor who plays Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower, has also played a young Voldemort on more than one occasion. What a coincidence, right?

Some fans have gone so far as to call the entire fourth season the Netflix version of 'Harry Potter ', noting some interesting similarities between the two young-adult franchises.

"Max fighting off Vecna with the music and happy thoughts reminded me of when Voldemort tries to possess Harry and can't for very long. Definitely got HP vibes during that scene. Also wondering if we'll see a similar ending to the series eventually where El has to elect to die in order to stop Vecna / Mind Flayer but ends up getting to live on normally afterwards as a result." – /Practical-Ship814.

Of course, this is all just speculation, and many fans are sure that while this theory is quite amusing, it is not based on anything substantive.

"I'm sure if you thought about it a little more, you'd find even more villains who are the same. It's really not a unique story." – /Literal_Cheesehead12.