'Stranger Things': Mike & Eleven Didn't Have Enough Chemistry in S4, Fans Argue

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The biggest and first pairing of the show… doesn't seem to work anymore?

Despite being one of the main couples in 'Stranger Things', Mike Wheeler and Eleven did not share enough chemistry throughout season 4, according to many fans who believe that the couple is starting to feel "forced".

Notably, one of the most acute issues for Eleven this season was how Mike would never directly confess his love to her. Still, the conflict was beautifully resolved in Volume 2, when Mike practically boosted Eleven's powers by finally telling her that he loved her and believed in her.

But was it enough for fans? Many people – especially those who were converted into shipping Mike and Will – were not persuaded by Mike's confession. According to them, there is a big chance that season 5 will be a lot more for the "Byler" pairing than for Mike and Eleven.

"The gayest thing Mike Wheeler has done was flirt with Will more than El in s4." – @saiillorneptune

While some people fear that Will is going to go through yet another trauma of rejection by Mike when he finally explains his feelings, others argue that Mike is, in fact, secretly in love with his best friend.

"Hot take: Mike Wheeler and Eleven have no chemistry and their relationship seems forced." – @itszayss

There is another group of people who are literally torn between the two options.

"My mind has ascended past all of you because I truly believe Mike loves Eleven AND Will at the same time." – @Iousbianism

It looks like season 5 does have some teenage drama to address. After all, we still have that unresolved love triangle between Steve, Nancy and Jonathan, as well as the heart-wrenching connection that Lucas shares with Max, who has been plunged into a Vecna-induced coma in the season finale.

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