'Stranger Things' Season 4 Has a Massive Eleven Plot Hole

'Stranger Things' Season 4 Has a Massive Eleven Plot Hole
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Yet another one of those plot inconsistencies season 4 seems to be so big on.

Fans have spotted plenty of plot holes in 'Stranger Things ' season 4, and a handful of them involve Eleven, also known as Jane. Well, here is another less popular one.

In episode 3 of Volume 1, Eleven gets in trouble for attacking schoolgirl Angela with a roller skate. Police arrive at her house and handcuff her and take her away – all of this while literally no adult is around because Joyce left for Alaska to try and save Hopper.

Wait for a second, is that even right?

Eleven is taken by local cops and then she is even questioned by the officers – without any other supervisors, let alone parents or guardians.

This weird fact has raised the eyebrows of many fans, but some of them also came up with an explanation that sounds pretty logical: maybe, back in the 1980s, police officers just were that way.

"The main part of the sentence is 'local cops.'

From their point of view they have some kid with no parents on scene, a stoner brother [we see that the house reeks of weed] who assaulted a well connected local [implied that her daddy is rich] in front of half the town.

'Jane' never asked for a lawyer, appeared mentally unbalanced, and never denied the attack. The cops are in the clear legally. If and when the mother appears, it's in the hands of the DA. Unless mom can find a smart lawyer who is willing to go to the mat, the whole thing will probably end with 'Jane' happily accepting 1,000 hours community service." – /doowgad1.

Another fan suggested that it might have been because Hawkins is a small town where everyone – including the law enforcement – knew each other.

"Yeah, I thought that, too. It IS the 1980s when cops could get away with a lot more, but I also thought it was kind of a small town thing where the police already know the family of the “perfect” blond cheerleader and are angry and already set to bully the trashy girl who done her wrong." – /ConcertinaTerpsichor.

Still, one cannot argue that it was bizarre for police officers to not even try to look for a parent or a guardian – instead, a woman at the register insists that Eleven's brothers and friends should do that if they even wanted to see her.

This is one of the many issues fans took with the new season of 'Stranger Things', but even a big number of plot holes does not draw people away from Volume 1. Despite the small tweaks like Eleven being able to speak coherently in the flashbacks and getting arrested without adult guardians, fans praise the new season as one of the best and are extremely eager to find out how things, as strange as they might be, work out.

'Stranger Things' Season 4 Volume 2 premieres on July 1.