'Stranger Things' Season 4 Main Villain is Actually a Metaphor, And People Are Awed By It

'Stranger Things' Season 4 Main Villain is Actually a Metaphor, And People Are Awed By It
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's not like everyone is safe from the real-life version of Vecna's curse.

With fans delving further into Volume 1 of 'Stranger Things ' season 4, the meanings of certain things and creative decisions come to light. And with the season's main villain Vecna, 'Stranger Things' appears to masterfully address the problem of depression.

Vecna, who haunts those tormented by guilt, fear, and anxiety, is a pretty straightforward metaphor for depression, many fans have noted. The way the show embodied everything that those struggling with depression may face into the merciless evil demon who feeds on our dark thoughts may seem less than subtle, but it is still clear and relatable, especially now that we are getting more aware on mental health issues.

"Who’s gonna say it? Okay I’ll go, i think in real life, vecna curse is our depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and any other mental health problems, and the one thing that helps us get through all of it is THE MUSIC," - @thesciFinerd_.

Those who battled depression also confirm the sentiment.

"As someone who’s struggled immensely with the deep dark pitch black hole that is depression, the end of episode 4 hits me so hard I almost cry. It’s dark. But beautifully done. Vecna is the literal embodiment of depression. Keep running, Max," - @RedFoxLeanne.

But it wasn't just a move to take a mental health issue and transform it into a villain. The show also addressed things like escapism and other ways to battle depression.

"The only way Max could escape the curse was through her favorite music. Shows how music can be a form of escapism from our darkest thoughts- also translates to talking to your friends about what you’re going through and doing your favorite things with them," - @iamowusuaa.

The way Max seems to distance herself from her friends instead of asking for help is also one of the spot-on things in season 4. Besides, Vecna's victims would also refrain from oversharing because, just like it can happen with depression, people would downplay their fears or think they're crazy. Still, it does not make the demons less real.

In Volume 1, we got to know Vecna's origin story, but he still remains undefeated – something that will hopefully happen in Volume 2. It premieres on Netflix on July 1.