'Stranger Things' Season 4 Vol 2: Fans Fearing For Dustin's Life

Image credit: Netflix

A recently released TV spot for the remaining two episodes of the hit Netflix series may hint that something bad will happen to Gaten Matarazzo's character.

First part of 'Stranger Things' season 4 proved to be quite a thrill, with many interconnected story arcs, new sinister mysteries, and more time spent in the Upside Down than ever before. And while all of the main characters managed to survive the battle with Vecna, the main antagonists of season 4, fans aren't sure if that luck will continue in the next two episodes. And the TV spot for the Volume 2 provides ample evidence of that thought, as fans on Reddit were quick to find out.

One scene shown in the video caught the attention of fans almost immediately – Dustin screaming into the camera with an expression of horror in his eyes. Of course, the reasoning behind this scene could be completely different, from Dustin seeing one of his friends die, to being attacked by Vecna himself. Both ideas are rather unpleasant, especially when you consider that Dustin is one of the most beloved characters in the entire series.

"I absolutely love that it's Lucas who gets to deal with Jason. That's precisely as it should be. And I'm convinced they included the shot of screaming Dustin with a very clear and mean purpose. I'm saying it's a red herring and nobody will convince me otherwise." – /RiverMurmurs.

And fans, of course, disagree, arguing that all the party members should survive the last part of the season 4, and get to the series finale like they deserve.

"God I hope they subvert expectations and actually keep the likable new character alive this time. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I don't want them to kill any of the crew this season. I know a lot of people want to see a major death to up the stakes for the final season but I feel like everyone this season deserves to at least make it to the finale of the show, including Vecna." – /Arcaedium.

Of course, some fans aren't too pessimistic about seeing Dustin screaming, noting that the scene may be completely unrelated to his well-being.

"I think he's going to come out of that battle alive, and in fact I wonder if he's the one who will save Steve, because along with his cowardice he also is a bit jealous of him and how brave he is. I think Dustin is screaming for Steve and Eddie will probably start attacking the demobats with the guitar." – /insomniacpyro.

'Stranger Things' season 4 volume 2 will arrive on Netflix on July 1.

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