'Stranger Things' Season 4 Volume 2 TV Spot: 3 Most Important Reddit Theories

'Stranger Things' Season 4 Volume 2 TV Spot: 3 Most Important Reddit Theories
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Fans finally saw the new TV spot for the hotly-anticipated second part of Season 4, and some pretty interesting theories emerged right away.

The first volume left Eleven and her team of teenage D&D enthusiasts with a small sense of victory: the frightened Vecna was sent back to the Upside Down. But the final battle is yet to come, and the upcoming events are sure to be some of the most intense in 'Stranger Things ' history. The 30-second teaser showed a lot, with huge explosions and the red scenery of Upside Down promising that the upcoming two episodes will be completely unforgettable. So, it's no surprise that fans rushed to scrutinize every tiny detail shown in the video, developing theories about what to expect.

Max vs. Vecna, Part II

The teaser showed a new altercation between the disgusting-looking villain and Max, after the latter barely survived their latest skirmish. Fans are rightly worried about their beloved heroine, fearing that 'Running Up the Hill' will not save her again. However, some fans seem to already know the key to Max's success, and it's pretty sweet.

"If I were a betting man, it’s where Lucas tells her he loves her to save her." – /zebrainatux.

Fans believe that Max's abilities are heavily influenced by music and happy memories, or feelings of happiness in general, so if Lucas can get to her in time, he might just save her life. While this interesting theory is quite plausible, some believe that the Duffer Brothers will not use the same narrative trick twice, preferring to make it so that Max defeats Vecna without music.

"I can see that, provided that as long as the song works for Max, she is kind of immune from Vecna. A scenario where she's caught off-guard by him and has to be saved by the song (and possible love declaration) seems too repetitive." – /cle1etecl.

Will's coming out

One scene in the teaser caught fans' attention more than any other – Will and Jonathan hugging in the kitchen. Both of them are crying, and the high emotional tension certainly suggests that something important has just happened. But what exactly? Some believe that Will is finally coming out to his brother as gay, something the fandom has suspected for a long time.

But some are pushing a much scarier theory – that something has happened to the boys ' mother Joyce, who was last seen reunited with Hopper. And while many believe that the Duffers wouldn't want to spoil the reunion by killing her off so soon, fans are horrified at even the thought that such a thing could happen.

"What if it’s Joyce? And that’s why will and Jonathan are crying and hugging? I don’t think they’d kill Joyce but after watching that I really don’t know anymore." – /SnooDrawings4786.

Dustin might die?

This is more of a side theory shared by a small portion of 'Stranger Things' fans, but it is partially confirmed by a teaser showing Dustin screaming into the camera. Although this footage could have been taken from almost any scene, some fans believe that Dustin could suffer a rather horrible fate in upcoming episodes.

"I absolutely love that it's Lucas who gets to deal with Jason. That's precisely as it should be.

And I'm convinced they included the shot of screaming Dustin with a very clear and mean purpose. I'm saying it's a red herring and nobody will convince me otherwise." – /RiverMurmurs.

'Stranger Things' season 4 volume 2 will arrive on Netflix on July 1.