'Stranger Things' Star Is Rumored To Join DCEU As A Teenage Superhero

'Stranger Things' Star Is Rumored To Join DCEU As A Teenage Superhero
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like one member of the party has managed to secure himself a pretty good future in the superhero franchise, as insiders report that Warner Bros. is planning to make a 'Static Shock' movie.

Netflix 's 'Stranger Things ' is already considered iconic, with millions of fans eagerly waiting to see where Eleven and her team of teens will go next. And it seems fans aren't the only ones following the young actors with passion, as major studios are hiring stars to appear in numerous high-budget productions. And now it's time for Caleb McLaughlin to be in the spotlight, as a well-known insider reported that Warner Bros. is planning to hire the actor for their yet-to-be-announced film, 'Static Shock'.

"As confirmed by MyTimetoShine, Caleb is the potential for the role and I think it would make sense to build off Stranger Things promo by announcing it at Fandome but…" – @LookUponTheSta.

Static Shock first appeared in the original comics back in the 1990s and was conceived as DC's answer to the incredibly popular Spider-Man. The teenager, able to manipulate electric and magnetic fields, quickly gained fame among young readers, appearing in numerous comic books and even animated films. And now, thanks to the aforementioned insider, fans finally know when we can expect to see him in live action.

"Static Shock will also film late next year. Expect August-September-ish with a 2024 release," – @LookUponTheSta.

DC fans welcome McLaughlin to their family, applauding his performance in 'Stranger Things' and hoping he brings the same charisma to the set of 'Static Shock' next year.

"Great choice if true. Actually, not the only Stranger Things actor that I want to see in DC Universe. But, I will take it with a grain of salt until someone more reliable than MTTLH verifies it." – /RohitTheDasher.