‘Such a Boring One’: Quentin Tarantino Hated The Best Indiana Jones Movie

‘Such a Boring One’: Quentin Tarantino Hated The Best Indiana Jones Movie
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And we strongly disagree.

Movies about archaeologist Indiana Jones have been around for more than 40 years. With each new release, the adventurer has donned his hat and saddle to face the challenges of time and history – and let's face it, he hasn't always come through with flying colors.

However, there are undeniable masterpieces that all (or at least most) fans recognize as the best in the entire franchise. One of them is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This chapter contains not only epic battles and journeys, but also heartfelt episodes of family reunion.

Indiana Jones meets his father, an equally brilliant archaeologist who dedicated his life to legends and the search for the Holy Grail. It was in Sean Connery that Spielberg saw the perfect candidate for the part of role model, turning James Bond into a mature archaeologist so that he could run around the castles of the Nazis.

Tarantino Was Disappointed with The Last Crusade

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The enthusiasm of franchise fans is not shared by Quentin Tarantino, however. The director admitted that The Last Crusade is just a boring movie:

“I don’t like the Sean Connery one at all. That’s such a boring one. It’s boring. And he’s not an interesting character.”

Well, not everyone agrees, Mr. Tarantino.

The Last Crusade Was an Atonement for Steven Spielberg

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A talented creator can withstand any criticism if he believes he is right. Spielberg, however, began to doubt the concept of the Temple of Doom during the production. And when, after the premiere, the criticism rained down on him and George Lucas, he was devastated – even though the movie did remarkably well at the box office.

So Spielberg decided that the final episode of the original trilogy should be similar in spirit and style to Raiders of the Lost Ark. According to him, he wanted to apologize to the public for Temple of Doom with the third film.

The Last Crusade Was a Box Office Success

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1989 was full of high-profile premieres, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade topped them all, including Tim Burton's Batman, at the worldwide box office. The film, which cost $48 million to make, grossed $474 million. The fans loved it, and the only critics who were disappointed were those who wanted to see an entirely new adventure, not a development of the Nazi theme from the first film.

The Last Crusade is the Perfect Blend of Everything Fans Love

After the controversial second installment, The Last Crusade gave fans everything they loved about Raiders of the Lost Ark in a double dose: Nazi villains, the search for a famous artifact, and Harrison Ford 's wisecracks.

And the best opening scene in the franchise is the beginning of The Last Crusade, in which young Indiana (played by River Phoenix) escapes from jewel hunters by train. How did Jones get that scar on his chin? Why is he afraid of snakes? Who did he steal his iconic look from? Here are all the answers.

An excellent plot, a wonderful cast, witty humor, a truly exciting story that keeps the narrative moving at a fast pace – all of this makes the third Indiana Jones film the best in the franchise. Sorry, Quentin.

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