Supernatural: Is Dean the Real Star and Sam Just Along for the Ride?

Supernatural: Is Dean the Real Star and Sam Just Along for the Ride?
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We never really thought about who is the actual main character on this show.

Supernatural has always been about the chaotic duo of the Winchester brothers, with the show hardly possible without Sam or Dean, but if you think about it... one of them might be the main character.

Although this is a debate that could go on forever, many fans believe that the events of the show are more centered around Dean than they are around Sam. As one fan noted, "Sam is the character with the most things happening to him", while Dean is "the character that has to react to most things happening to Sam."

Almost always it's Dean who has to get Sam out of trouble, which also makes him the main character; especially given that Sam would rather try and go on with his life instead of trying to sacrifice the world to save Dean. His brother would definitely opt for the latter.

"I don't think he was meant to be when the show was first being written, but Jensen's such a strong actor that it can feel that way. His chemistry with just about everyone (and I don't mean that in a shippy way) is what frequently moves the story along. Besides his relationship with Sam, his scenes with his dad, Death, Tessa, Cain, Benny, Hendriksen, Castiel, Crowley, Abaddon, Deacon, etc really showcase that," Redditor 4kusi said.

Many fans note that even though Sam was originally supposed to be the main character, Dean has "stolen" the lead and become the show's star. As the series moved forward, Dean received more screen time, more chances to be humorous or emotional, and got more interesting stuff to do.

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Now, with The Winchesters only including Dean exploring the history of his and Sam's parents, fans are only becoming more adamant in the belief that the older Winchester is in fact the main star of the show, while Jared Padalecki's Sam is more of a sidekick.

But who knows, maybe Sam is going to make a surprise appearance in the prequel and fight with his brother for the title of main character once again?..

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The Winchesters return to The CW on January 24.