Surprisingly Deep Toy Story Fan Theory That Will Make You Question Life

Surprisingly Deep Toy Story Fan Theory That Will Make You Question Life
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If you have never tried to spot your toys becoming alive when you leave the room after watching Toy Story... stop lying.

Toy Story is one of Pixar's most iconic animated movies that basically set the course for the studio after the first movie debuted in 1995. But even after all these years, there are some pressing questions for Pixar fans regarding the legendary story. One of them is... how on Earth do toys gain their consciousness, and are there any rules to that?

Well, this fan theory certainly stipulates that there are — and watch out, because it's about to get philosophical.

Shared by Redditor cpdbishop, the theory suggests that kids are actually the ones who grant toys with sentience. So, that would mean that a toy is soulless and intelligence-less until a certain kid starts believing the opposite. This though is just lovely until it gets way too deep — not least due to what the fourth movie establishes.

"We see the spork guy wake up to the world in TS4. Is all it takes is for a child to declare to themselves that this is now a toy/plaything/character, does that very thought bring a consciousness into the world, what are the parameters of this magic?" the Redditor wondered.

"Does that mean that every snowman made by a child wakes up to this world, only to slowly melt out of existence, or be kicked and broken, do they feel that pain?"

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Wow. Now that is not simply deep — that is outright dark. If you think about it enough, then the first movie's villain, Sid, was just the tip of the iceberg of what humans have done to their toys throughout history.

"What was the first sentient toy? Did some cave man carve a stone, did the cave kid play with it, did that give the stone consciousness? Is that stone still awake today? Lost and buried somewhere? Will it exist until the earth is devoured by the sun…?" the theory continues as if we are not embroiled in an existential crisis already.

What can we say? Perhaps we all want to be a tad more careful next time we declare something our toy, because, you know, what if we accidentally give it a life it never asked for.