Taylor Lautner Had the Best Reaction to His Wife's Crush on Twilight's Edward

Taylor Lautner Had the Best Reaction to His Wife's Crush on Twilight's Edward
Image credit: Legion-Media

Who would have thought that a Team Edward person would end up with the real Jacob Black.

Now that Taylor Lautner has married his girlfriend Taylor (who is now his full namesake), it might be interesting to remember that she was once an avid Edward Cullen fan.

Taylor revealed this in a hilarious Instagram video when she jumped on the "show us your childhood crush and then the person you ended up with" trend. In her case, her childhood crush was none other than Edward Cullen from Twilight. And we all know pretty well that the person she ended up with is Lautner, who portrayed Edward's arch rival in the movie saga, Jacob Black.

Both characters were in love with the female lead, Bella Swan, but of course Bella chose her true love. However, the actor who played Jacob could not allow himself to lose the battle for his girlfriend's heart. Now that he and Taylor are married, his response to his wife's childhood crush looks even more hilarious.

"'bout time I won something", Lautner responded to his then-girlfriend's video.

He was obviously referring to the years-long battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob – the division in the Twilight fandom that pits Edward and Jacob fans against each other even now, after all these years.

In Twilight, the battle is obviously a victory for Edward, since he is the one who ends up with Bella. In real life, however, it seems to be a pleasant triumph for Taylor Lautner, who has won one of the most important competitions of his life.