Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Possibly Revealed By Colton Haynes

Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Possibly Revealed By Colton Haynes
Image credit: Legion-Media

While Paramount+ keeps teasing us without giving away anything about when exactly Teen Wolf: The Movie is coming out, some cast members have spilled the beans already.

In a couple of weeks we'll get to see some Teen Wolf stars at NYCC, but the actors are already busy doing convention circuit. During one of these cons Colton Haynes, back to portraying Jackson Whittemore in Teen Wolf: The Movie, possibly revealed when exactly we're going to see him as an ex-jock-turned-Kanima-turned-werewolf once again.

The actor told the audience that Paramount+ is currently aiming for a release in December 2022 or January 2023. This release window does make a lot of sense, considering that Paramount+ inches closer to Wolf Pack release, planned for January 2023. It's quite possible that Wolf Pack producers (Jeff Davis included) are planning on using Teen Wolf: The Movie release as a way to attract some additional interest to their next project.

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Mind you, Wolf Pack is not a spin-off series of Teen Wolf and introduces a whole new lineup of young characters, operating nowhere near Beacon Hills, with the only connection between two series being the whole "people-turned-werewolves" concept. While Teen Wolf series was essentially loosely based on the 1985's iconic movie of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, Wolf Pack is based on the novel series by Canadian author Edo van Belkom.

Some fans, however, are holding out hope that the movie is going to be released much sooner – namely, this November. According to a fan theory, Teen Wolf: The Movie follows the pattern previously set by Teen Wolf season 6; the trailer for the final season was released at SDCC back in 2016, with the second trailer released at NYCC in October and the episodes premiering in November. So far, Teen Wolf: The Movie marketing strategy is indeed practically the same: a teaser-trailer was shown at SDCC in July 2022, and there's a panel with Teen Wolf movie cast and crew planned for NYCC.

Earlier, Ian Bohen, who plays Peter Hale on Teen Wolf, hinted at December release window for the movie. Initial reports suggested that Teen Wolf fans will get to see it in October, but these plans were apparently scrapped.

Jeff Davis is going to talk more about Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack at the NYCC panel, scheduled for Friday, October 7th.