That Time MCU Almost Made Us Watch Jeff Goldblum Having Tentacle Sex

That Time MCU Almost Made Us Watch Jeff Goldblum Having Tentacle Sex
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Thor: Ragnarok was perfectly executed absurdity in a film – Taika Waititi never let the comedy saturate the drama or emotional stakes.

The result was one of the MCU 's funniest and best-reviewed movies to date, instantly putting Waititi among the franchise's most revered filmmakers. But he had one idea for a scene that was so absurd, Marvel cut it from the final release.

It takes place in the Grandmaster's ship – the only Valkyrie said was used for "orgies and stuff." The newly-formed "Revengers" are headed out of Sakaar, right through the Devil's Anus.

Thor idly clicks through a hologram recording, just something to pass the time. A video of Jeff Goldblum 's Grandmaster pops up – and then it gets really weird.

Grandmaster is seen bizarrely making out with a pair of tentacles as sexual music plays. It's not sure exactly what's going on, but he's certainly enjoying it. Banner walks in, and he and Thor swap confused faces before Thor finally shuts off the hologram.

It's a shame the scene got cut because what followed ended up being a really deep, emotional scene between the recently reunited friends.

Banner talks about the day his father died – he missed his father's final words because he was "focused" on his gamma experimentation. He tried to connect with Thor, who'd just lost his father and was now "focused" on stopping Hela.

Thor laments about his family, how they are "destined" to fight amongst themselves while everyone else pays that price.

Banner quickly realizes that their situations weren't all that comparable, but it still allowed them to bond in that calm before the final battle.

We also missed Banner telling Thor, "You're not the God of Hammers;" Odin later said that in a vision to Thor as he battled his sister.

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He compares him to Dumbo – which Thor took as an insult, ignorant of classic American television. Dumbo thought his feather was the source of his flying ability, but like Thor, eventually realized the power was from inside him.

The deleted scene perfectly encapsulated the entirety of the film. The most memorable part of the scene might have been the bizarre tentacle sex, but it didn't disrupt the massive emotional scene that followed.

It was the perfect balance of jokes and character development, allowing Banner and Thor to peak as characters late in their MCU tenure.

It's also a balance Waititi failed to replicate in his next Thor outing, 2022's Love and Thunder. In that case, the jokes overpowered all drama, completely undercutting every important scene.