'The Batman 2' is Still Underway Amid Warner Bros. Uncertainty

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Fear not, Robert Pattinson fans.

Despite the vague future – and present – of Warner Bros. Discovery, it seems that 'The Batman' sequel is up and running. According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Mattson Tomlin is teaming up with Matt Reeves to write 'The Batman 2'.

The fact that the movie officially has a screenwriter certainly is a calming moment for the caped crusader fans, who have recently voiced concerns that David Zaslav's new cutting strategy might as well affect the Robert Pattinson-led 'The Batman'.

However, there are no plot details or even hints at where the movie will head. At this point, it's even unclear whether the sequel will feature Batman's archenemy Joker, who was teased in a deleted scene from the first movie.

Tomlin was a part of the team that worked on 'The Batman' script even though he wasn't credited. This time, however, things will go differently.

The first movie has proven to be quite a success, with fans largely applauding Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader and loving the vibe set by Matt Reeves. 'The Batman' has grossed more than $770 million worldwide. Still, despite the success, there was a lot of doubt about the sequel – not least due to a shake-up at Warner Bros. and the introduction of a new boss, David Zaslav.

In an apparent push to become some sort of Kevin Feige for the DCEU, Zaslav suggested a 10-year development plan and also axed a handful of promising DC projects, among them 'Batgirl' and several animated series.

Now that Warner Bros. is weathering some financial losses – as of Friday, the company lost more than $2 billion in market cap – fans are up in arms against Zaslav. However, 'The Batman' seems to be safe – at least for now.

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