The Best Scene of The Good Doctor Finale Got Screwed Up in Production, EPs Admit

The Best Scene of The Good Doctor Finale Got Screwed Up in Production, EPs Admit
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Thankfully, the show pulled it off anyway.

There are many ways to end a show, and all of them have been done. We've seen characters move on to symbolize moving on with their lives, like Friends and New Girl. We've been hit with the realization of the purgatory nature of Lost's setup. We've seen Game of Thrones ruin everyone's hopes and dreams and twist the story in the final moments.

With some better than others, the finale of favorite series is always sad to watch. And even the shows which went viral all over the internet for being nonsensical and outright offensive at parts, deserve to have an episode that sets the characters off to lives behind the cameras. ABC’s The Good Doctor is not an exception.

What Happened to Glassman in the Good Doctor Finale?

As the most attentive fans have already guessed, the finale of The Good Doctor put the main character Dr. Shaun Murphy in a position where he felt the need to do the impossible. Save both Dr. Claire Browne and Dr. Aaron Glassman, who faced life-or-death situations and took on the roles of patients for the episode.

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Among the obvious tearjerkers, however, was one of the most heartfelt moments. A final gesture of help from Glassman to Shaun, who was willing to risk his entire career to save Claire. Though Glassman taking a punch instead was already a very emotional moment, it could have been even better, it turns out.

Speaking to Variety about the series finale, The Good Doctor creator David Shore and executive producer Liz Friedman explained the lack of a conversation between two characters in such an important and emotional moment:

“I should add that, speaking of thanks, there was more dialogue in that scene at one point and it all worked very nicely, but in editing it all just got boiled down to the thank you. Shaun has so much to thank Glassman for, and they’ve reached a point that they had trouble reaching where Shaun is no longer fighting against Glassman,” Shore said.

While the scene is great as it is, many viewers would have liked to see Glassman and Murphy say more to each other. Given the somewhat tragic ending and Shaun's need to deal with loss and grief, some additional words would have been a nice touch for fans behind the camera as well.

If you haven't had a chance to catch up on The Good Doctor finale, or if you want to revisit it, the show is available to stream on Hulu.

Source: Variety