'The Boys' Actor Is a Perfect Replacement for Ezra Miller in 'The Flash', According To Reddit

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With Ezra Miller's controversy continuing to plague Warner Bros. with the impossibility of a successful 'The Flash' release, fans suggested a clever idea how to save the film.

The upcoming blockbuster, following the fastest man in the DCEU, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and his time travel that caused a paradox that could destroy the entire universe, has been stuck in development hell for a long time, with constant reshoots and problems with the script preventing the film from coming out. And although the film is almost ready and a release date has already been set, Miller's recent accusation of violence and sexual misconduct has again called the entire film into question. Still, even if Warner Bros. can't get rid of Miller completely in 'The Flash', they can at least reduce his involvement a bit.

Thanks to the DC community on Reddit, some fans proposed an interesting solution to the studio's dilemma: since Ezra Miller plays two versions of the character in the movie, Flash and Reverse Flash, who is a villainous version of the fastest man alive, Warner Bros. just might recast the villain, choosing Antony Starr from 'The Boys' instead.

"He can act goofy and hyper I bet he could pull off the flash well. He has decent range as an actor." – /AverageCowboyCentaur.

However, despite the fact that Starr is a talented actor who has already proven his ability to play villainous superheroes in the Amazon Prime series, some fans are strongly against the idea of hiring him for the role, as Starr too was recently involved in some controversy – a drunken fight that resulted in one person needing hospital treatment. Yet some fans argue that Starr's situation cannot be compared to Miller's.

"He actually went to the court agreed to pay the guy's medical bills and is looking into help in preventing his drunk behavior." – /Large-Wheel-4181.

And even if Warner Bros. decides to keep Miller as the Reverse Flash, Starr could still join the DCEU in another role.

"Ironically enough he could actually be a decent Superman, when he's acting good and heroic for the crowd he's got the Superman mannerisms down." – /SteamyLemons.

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