'The Boys' Fans Wonder Why This Major Character Wasn't Killed Off

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Amazon Prime just premiered the finale of its biggest show's season 3, and fans were surprised that one character remained unscathed after the bloody events.

'The Boys' season 3 proved to be a great spectacle, filled with thrills, orgies and inhuman behavior, so fans were rightly worried about the death of almost every character, but one beloved vigilante was considered a goner for sure – Frenchie. This charming French rogue got a pretty good redemption arc this season, getting closer and closer to Kimiko, trying to get away from his criminal lifestyle to spend his old days peacefully with her on some island. And, of course, if the character wants to leave, he is bound to be killed off by the writers to once again break fans' hearts. Unsurprisingly, viewers went into the finale expecting the worst, but were surprised that Frenchy made it out of Season 3 alive.

People expected either Frenchie or Kimiko to die in episode 8, but they both went into season 4, and fans are unspeakably excited about it, eager to see how this love story would unfold. However, many viewers were a little concerned about Frenchy's storyline this season, completely lacking the excitement and thrills of previous seasons. But fans are certainly willing to forgive 'The Boys' for that, especially after such a stellar season overall.

"This was also filmed through covid and like many other shows suffered some from it. I forgive it since it is such an amazing show, and I hope they tighten it up next season." – /Sadatori.

Despite this, fans were quite unhappy with the season finale even without this questionable Frenchie twist, claiming that the writers really failed to bring other narrative arcs to satisfying completion.

"The season finale made me really question the writers tbh. They handled pretty much every storyline except for Maeve's really poorly. Even then you could say Maeve surviving a nuke and living happily ever after on a farm is a pretty stupid ending." – /prof-royale.

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