'The Boys' S3E7 Finally Explains Why Black Noir Can't Speak & Never Takes His Mask Off

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There is always a backstory to every mysterious silent character wearing all black.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 7

Ever wondered what Black Noir's problem was all this time? Friday's new episode of 'The Boys' is here to explain the mystery that has prevented us from ever seeing this superhero's face or hearing his voice.

It's pretty simple but yet horrific: Soldier Boy violently beat him up in the past before being kidnapped by Russians. The violence was so real that Black Noir lost a part of his brain that was responsible for speech, and half of his face was burnt. All of this was Soldier Boy's doing – which is why he was hated by Payback and ended up being practically "handed" to the Russians.

The chilling backstory of Black Noir who confronts his past in this episode left fans stunned, particularly due to Nathan Mitchell, who portrays the character, somehow managing to deliver the drama without a single word or a facial expression. Have you ever thought you would be tearing up over a Black Noir backstory arc? Think again.

"Honestly massive shoutout to Nathan Mitchell for these scenes. The level of emotion we were able to get from black noir, without words or facial expressions, is NEXT LEVEL." – @livelyackles.

Knowing Noir's backstory, it is now way more understandable that he abandoned Homelander when the latter was on a mission to challenge Soldier Boy. However, it also hints that Soldier Boy has got another worst enemy who might be willing to have his revenge.

'The Boys' season finale premieres next Friday on Prime Video.

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